Welcome SewDown Nashville!

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be able host the entire group of women who came to Nashville to attend SewDown Nashville in my shop. We had discussed setting up a small “pop-up” version of the store at the hotel where the convention was taking place, but since I had no one to watch the store while I would have been at the hotel, and I also didnt really know what I would bring, I asked if they would come to me instead! Luckily they already had a tour bus (in fact it was 2 tour buses!) driving them to Franklin to go on a studio tour at Anna Maria Horner’s (which looked amazing), so they added my store to their itinerary.

I luckily had two good friends who agreed to help run the register while I cut fabric, and thank goodness they were there or it would have been absolutely impossible. At around 7:00 we saw this bad boy pull up outside the shop:

Bus 1 of 2

Bus 1 of 2

It was huge! And then the woman in charge informed me the second bus was about 10 minutes away. Ok! My store very quickly filled up and within about 2 minutes people were picking things out and handing them to me to cut. I even cut batting for Angela Waters…. it was pretty exciting!

This a picture the Modern Quilt Guild posted on Instagram of my shop looking like a Jeni's ice cream store :)

This a picture the Modern Quilt Guild posted on Instagram of my shop looking like a Jeni’s ice cream store 🙂

They were in the store for just about 1 hour exactly, and in that time I had 38 transactions. It was crazy, and it was so, so fun! It was great to see what people bought (happy to report that the pink zebra fabric was a hit) and talk to people who are super excited about sewing and fabric, just like me. I met a woman who owns a fabric store in New Jersey and she organizes a “shop owners” dinner at Quilt Market (which I’m going to in Pittsburgh next month), so that was also really fun. It was a great whirlwind, and I was so happy it worked out!

Fabric frenzy

Fabric frenzy


Now Open!

The big day has finally arrived, and the shop is officially open for business!

Last night was the opening party and I was so pleased with how things went. Lots of people came by to say hi, have a mini cupcake and a mini glass of champagne. It was great to feel lots of creative, excited energy surrounding something I have brought into being. It was nice to have family around and also new friends from Nashville! (And future friends in Nashville!).

the fabric studio

Cupcakes and beautiful flowers

It got sunny right before the party, so my sequin skirt was extra sparkly 🙂 It was nice to see familiar faces and also meet new people who are excited about the shop. Great feeling!

the fabric studio nashville

Old friends!


New friends


Sadly I did not get pictures of most people who came, but it was a really great time and lots of fun. Plus there was pink champagne which never ruins a night!

So today was the first day o’ business and I was going to consider it a success if even one person came (havent gotten around to too much advertising yet, but that is April’s goal) and I have definitely met the one person goal. Even met some awesome new people!

This month I’ll be getting some more Japanese fabrics in, packing up some scrap bundles, planning for May’s class schedule, and maybe creating some fun cross stitch kits…. Stay tuned!


Good Friends

One of the best parts about opening The Fabric Studio has been the amazing amount of support I have found here in Nashville. Of course my family is awesome and supportive from afar, (and from near, when Mattie visits), but the people I’ve met in town have really helped me do things that I could have never done on my own.

From the very first week I had the space, Keri and Amanda have used their unparalleled drilling and furniture-building skills to help me so, so much. They hung my bathroom shelves, whipped together all kinds of Ikea Expedits, helped me build my cutting table (which is so rad, I’ll show pics of that soon).


Then this week they came back and expertly hung my pegboards on the front wall, which will house patterns, scissors, rulers, pins, and all kinds of fun stuff like that. That was a professional job that I never could have accomplished (even if my drill had drill bits). They are awesome people even without their construction and hanging skills, but I definitely appreciate the skills!

I also had help from my friend Miranda’s basement workshop, and she took on the task of helping my frame out the pegboards so they’d have finished edges. She even hand sawed all the pieces of trim I needed, and the boards look so good now! She also supplied me with a spray paint area, and transported the finished boards. Awesome!

The peg boards

The peg boards

Another awesome lady who has made The Fabric Studio come together, is Meghan Wood, who is a sign-maker extraordinaire! She hand painted my logo on the front wall, and today delivered the outside sign. She also designed my business cards and postcards, and everything she does is a million times cooler than I was imagining it in my own head.

Meghan hard at work

Meghan hard at work

I’ll update soon with more pics, but for now  just wanted to thank all the awesome people who are helping me in such concrete ways. Not to mention being so excited and supportive. Nashville is an awesome town!