Half Square Triangle Baby Quilts!


Fabric Pull!


Recently I got an email from a friend requesting a baby quilt that will be for a little boy. The only restrictions were that it be modern, crisp, and use the color scheme of navy, turquoise, and grey. I added a little black and white in, and was set! I love this color palate so much, in fact it’s one of my faves in recent memory. I have been wanting for ages to try a quilt made with randomly placed half square triangles (like here, here, and here), and so I thought this would be the perfect time to try!



Pieces cut and ready


I started by cutting my fabric into 7″ squares and then dividing them into 2 piles of light and dark fabrics (28 square of each). I matched a light square up with a dark, right sides facing, for my favorite half-square triangle method, and drew a diagonal line across the square.


Chain piecing

I happen to have a 1/4″ foot for my machine, which is very handy for this method. Just line up the diagonal line you’ve drawn on the fabric with the blade edge of the foot, and you’ll get a seam that’s 1/4″ away from the line. I chain pieced my squares and then sent them through the other way, getting a second seam 1/4″ away from the other side of the seam. Before I had this foot I simply used a ruler to draw lines 1/4″ away from the center line, then sewed over those. But this method was faster!


Trim blocks!

I must admit that for the first quilt I didnt trim my blocks, so the seams did not exactly match up. I can get a bit lazy at times. But I made the quilt again, for a baby girl, and I trimmed down the finished half-square triangles to 6″ squares. Much better.


Baby boy half square triangle quilt

I just laid out the squares in a manner that I thought looked random, but wasnt actually random because I tried not to have the same fabric right next to itself. It mostly worked out, though I didnt realize until later that one row had three triangles of mustache fabric in it. How do those things sneak past?


Straight line quilted

For the blue quilt I did diagonal quilting about every 2 inches. I didnt want to do anything that relied on the seams, since they were no where near perfect, so this was a good option. I used Michael Miller’s Domino in navy for the binding, and I cant for the life of me remember what the backing is called, but it is from Spool, in Chatanooga, TN.


Girls half square triangle quilt

I made the second version in a  really fun palette of pinks, orange, yellow, gold, and a big of white and neon and I really like this one too. It seems cheerful and warm and a good summer picnic/play blanket. (they both measure around 42″ x 48″)


More straight line quilting

I did the quilting lines 1″ apart and 3″ apart on this one, which I think I like a little bit better, for whatever reason. The binding is a cute pinwheel pattern by Anna Maria Horner, and the back is an extremely soft Micahel Miller print called Pollen. Sending them off to the recipients this week, so I hope they like them!


8 thoughts on “Half Square Triangle Baby Quilts!

  1. So pretty! One of these days I’m going to try making a quilt. It seems like a good way (#good excuse) to play with a lot of pretty fabrics that I couldn’t otherwise justify buying.

    love you,
    Aunt Nancy

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